About Me

The meaning of PINK ENERGY Floral Design = MY VALUES:

The name of a company should reflect not only something that sounds good, but a little bit about their business model, the team & owner, and of cause their working ethics and vision.

Pink  ~ Stands for white and red mixed together. White is the clarity, loyalty, honesty and crisp business spirit that I have when approaching my clients and nurturing the feelings of wedding and marriage. Red is the love and the passion I have for flowers, for what I do and the people I work with. Mix these two together and you get so many different shades of pink, depending on the essence of each mixed together.

Energy ~ Stands for the way I have made lots of brides feel in the past and will still make them feel in the future: Energy for getting the job done for them; Energy that I breathe into every bloom I touch while carefully putting together your wedding florals; and the energy when we consult and come up with fresh ideas during brainstorming sessions. Many a bride have complimented me and thanked me for the energy I have brought into their wedding planning and decision making. And many a bride has shed a tear or two when they see their wedding bouquet for the first time on that very special day. My wish is to share this energy and passion with you and to add to making your day so very special!

No, I don’t only do “pink” weddings! I do weddings in all colours, daring and conservative!

A peek into the personality of the Owner & Floral Designer managing Pink Energy Floral Design:

I am utterly and complete in-love with flowers, foliage and all botanical and natural elements and putting them together and creating something breathtaking!!! And then there is the technical side of floral design which is almost a little bit like engineering! So exciting!!!

With owning and managing my own webdesign and marketing business, it was only later on in my career that I decided to pursue floral design passion and started Pink Energy Floral Design in 2009. My experience in floral design however goes back to helping my Mom from a young age with her interesting floral design installations for weddings, other events and competitions.

Two years ago I started developing content for flower class and facilitating classes, this have challenged me and pushed me to my core to develop as a person and contribute to other florists, DIY Brides and anyone who is passionate about learning about flowers. I am so proud of my flower classes as I see how people enjoy them, fall in-love with flowers and leave empowered and up-skilled. I am now also part of the International Master Florists Group.

I grew up in the Fair Cape and as a young child at play I always took on the role as the bride and had so much fun dressing up in my Mother’s old wedding gown and my giant pink panther was the groom.  I was on a mission to find true love for a period in my life that felt like forever. When finally one day I met my husband and knew almost instantly that he is the one. I believe in true magic, miracles and true love, only because I have experienced it.

As cheesy as it sounds, I also play love songs all day while I’m creating for a wedding. Setting a beautiful loving intent on my work.

If you would like to start a conversation with me, please contact me to get started.


Please visit my floral portfolio ~ I hope that my flowers will speak to your heart.