Sunny Summer Sunflowers

Above: Beautiful sunflower face

Sunflowers are by far one of my most favourite flowers, not from a floral design point of view, but from a heart point of view! They give me butterflies! They have happy chearful faces that lift my spirit on any given day. We had sunflowers on our wedding, + – 600 of them! Oh and why? My hubby and I did not decide to have a yellow wedding because we liked yellow, but because Sunflowers were the first flowers he gave me and he swept me of my feet with those!!!

Above: Long and strong sunflower stalks!




I was doing doing some research the other day about other uses of flowers and came upon some interesting information about sunflowers! And tomorrow we have a wedding with a few sunflowers, so a I took the photo’s for this blog post and decided I must write something right now to share these interesting facts, here they are.


Sunflowers symbolize adoration, loyalty, longevity, warmth, positivity, power, strength,  and happiness!


Those of you who have gotten to know me will know that I am extremely passionate about the environment, preserving the natural resources we have, treading more lightly on planet earth and preserving for next gene

rations. If I don’t recycle I don’t sleep, we have solar power and try to use water sparing as well as reusing greywater.

Above: Take a peek at the insides of these wonderful sunflower stalks.

That being said, I was absolutely flabbergasted when I discovered this interesting fact about Sunflowers. Scientists have disovered that Sunflowers / sunflower plants have the ability to absorb toxi metals and ration from the soil!

After the Hiroshima, Fukushima, and Chernobyl nuclear disasters, fields of sunflowers were planted across the affected landscapes to help absorb toxic metals and radiation from the soil. New research now suggests that sunflowers (Helianthus) might be as good for the environment as they are pretty to look at.

Research have also proven that recycling of sunflower residue is aiding in sustaining soil health! Fascinating!


The first cultivated sunflowers were in Peru some 3000 years ago. And Sunflowers are native to South and North America and possibly Mexico. In ancient Peru it was an emblem of the Inca sun god.

In the 16th century explorers introduced sunflowers to Spain.

Did you know sunflowers head turn and follows the sun all the way from sunrise to sunset every day.

Bees love sunflowers because of their nectar and pollen and the seeds are favoured by not only seed-eating birds, but also by us humans.

The young flowering buds are very nutritious and even the mature buds and maturing flower petals contains zinc, beta-carotene, Vitamins B1, B2, B3, B6, E, magnesium, manganese and chromium. The seeds are loaded with minerals. Interesting that currently all parts of the sunflower are being tested for the ability to regenerate tissue in the kidneys after infectious kidney diseases and kidney stones. The leaves are being tested for the treatment of malaria and can be used to make a tea.

Above: Strong finger thick sunflower stalks.

When life jackets (personal flotation devices) were first developed, they filled them with sunflower stalks to keep people afloat.

Thank you for reading, and I hope you enjoyed these interesting facts as much as I did!


When should I book my wedding florist?

For years I have been reading in the general media (internet,  bridal magazines, wedding planner checklists, etc.) that you should book your wedding florist approximately 6 months prior to your wedding date – and for years I have been shaking my head at this.

In this blog I give you pointers and reasons why you should book your wedding florist between 12 and 10 month in advance:

02_the best suppliersThe reality is that the best suppliers do get booked up the quickest. Your wedding flowers and centerpiece décor are some of the elements that can really make or break your big day so you would want the best supplier for that. For example: You could have the best photographer (and you should), but he can not make cheap centerpieces look like a million dollar centerpiece. Your flowers and decor will form part of your wedding pictures for the rest of your life.

The majority of our clients book our services between 9 and 12 months prior to their wedding date. It works great for us and for them with plenty of benefits that last minute brides will never be aware of.

Weddings are changing by the year and becoming more detailed than what the industry has ever seen before. People’s priorities, standards and needs for their wedding differ from one couple to the next and as a supplier in the industry it is important that we are flexible in our designs and options to meet those needs.

03_your wedding theme
What is more important is that your entire wedding theme and feeling needs to flow from one element to the next, incorporating many small elements and bringing it all together to form one beautiful, well balanced picture. A floral designer can assist you to visualize the bigger picture, give you professional advice on colours, texture and styling and just put everything into perspective.


As we have seen many weddings and have been involved in planning of ‘table top layouts’ and other elements of weddings for years, this puts us in a great position to
05_ideasoffer you advice and give you ideas. This will result in you, the bride, being much calmer during the planning of your wedding, knowing you are heading in the right
04_Offer you advicedirection, as your ideas will become much clearer from the start.



My advice is; once you have a venue, you should start looking at floral designers who look like they might be talking ‘your kind of wedding language’ with their flowers.06_Once you have your venue At this stage I also recommend researching and contacting all other wedding suppliers, even if it is a year before the wedding date. You will get a very accurate idea on pricing and what is available in each field of the market.
This will also help you plan your budget better for your entire wedding.
07_limited number of ordersMany floral designers take on a limited number of orders per date. Place yourself in their shoes for a few seconds, then you will realize why they only take on a limited
number of orders per date: The work they do is 85 to 95% physical work with long hours on their feet. With every year and in every season, some dates are more popular than others and get booked out quickly. Once a floral designer is fully booked, they simply cannot take on more orders. That means once the service is booked, you will have a dedicated set-up team with your dedicated floral designer. Floral designers start their workdays very early and the earliest rise is on the day of your wedding as most personal florals like corsages, buttonholes and some hand bouquets are only made on the day to ensure they are fresh. It takes a few hours to make these personal florals. After that they start loading the vehicle(s) and drive to your venue with the greatest of care to deliver and set-up at your wedding.


02_Clock tickingjpg08_Flowers are very seasonalFlowers are very seasonal and their availability from year to year can also differ as it is influenced by water availability, rain, storm damage, etc.  As a floral designer, I personally visit the market once a week as most weeks, this puts me in a position to know what is happening, what is available and what is not. We have also become quite good with pricing and availability predictions as we have built up relationships with wholesale suppliers and flower farms alike. I spend a lot of my time managing the bride’s expectations, especially where she has been planning her wedding for months to a year and only then comes to meet me for a consultation, and the only ideas she has on paper and in her mind is of a flower that is not available in the month of her wedding. Her whole world comes crashing down and my job becomes very hard at this stage. Brides that visit me much earlier on are more informed and relaxed knowing that I understand their theme and colours and will pull that through into the flowers. We also have a great section on our website that guides you with flower availability in your colour and the month you get married.
09_Flexible agreementYou may be concerned about booking yo
ur wedding flowers a year in advance. A lot can happen in one year, right? Because of this we have some leeway in our service agreement that allows the client to make changes to their order up to a certain time. This allows them to change the style or colour completely, or to change quantities, etc., etc., etc.  Therefore there is also no set value for your order in the contract, which means if you started off with 20 guest tables, and as you continue planning you realized, you will only need 14, we just adjust your order accordingly.


10_Picture perfect ideaIf you book your floral designer in advance, you can decide to what degree you would like to involve them in your wedding. For example, I have had brides who booked my service 11 months in advance and as time went by I received little e-mails from them sharing their menu design, their thank you gifts, their wedding invites, etc. Each one of these little elements is like a puzzle piece and each of them helps to build the bigger picture. When it comes to the centerpiece mock-up time, I already have a picture perfect idea of exactly the style, look and feel that the bride wants to create. And suddenly it all comes together and they cannot believe how perfect it is.

01_Is it time
I hope I have given you enough reasons to get cracking on your research and quote requests with your wedding florists or with me.




Our Stand – East Rand Wedding Show 2016

We have done a number of exhibits, but I think to date this was my absolute favourite. There was just something magical about the energy of the East Rand Wedding Show this part weekend (30 & 31 July 2016).

I would like to start by describing our stand and what we were offering at the show. We booked a long narrow stand that allowed us space for two displays and a small space where we can chat with brides.

Our first display: “Vintage tones and natural elements” – Our colours & design concept included crystal, wood and old book paper. The star of the show was certainly the greenery runner, the amnesia roses and the paper flowers.

Here’s a sneak peak of what inspired us on the mood board as it was displayed on our stand. Collage - vintage

Our second display: “Blue tones & Copper / Rose Gold / Metalics” – Our colours, floral design and set-up was completely inspired by our NEW geometric décor range. We stock our own hire item range, all items are unique and exclusively available for hiring only to the brides that book our floral service. Geomtrics; from wedding stationery, candle holders, hanging elements and flower stands are trending worldwide. Being in South Africa, trends follow a bit slower, but we decided to offer our Gauteng couples the opportunity to get in on it, while it is still a fairly new and unique concept in South Africa.

Collage - geometrics

The purpose of our exhibit was to showcase our work and and to bedazzle and attract new brides to our stand to achieve new business for 2017 and 2018. Here are some interesting fact with regards to that stats of who we met at the show and what worked for them:

  • 80% of the couples were Afrikaans speaking or had a partner that was Afrikaans.
  • Only 30% of couples that stopped at our stand were getting married in 2016 with 60% getting married in 2017 and 10% getting married in 2018.
  • Our marketing strategy was based on a non-agresive approach, for example, no jumping out and handing out of flyers was not our first priority. We wanted to have a meaningful engagement with couples who were truly interested with what they saw on our stand / and / or us.
  • We went green and had our competition entries done via an electronic system (completely paperless). We also saved a lot on flyers and printed only a quarter of what we usually print.



Planning is key to pulling off a successful exhibition. All your ducks have to be a in a row. To us this is child’s play, as we are experienced with wedding orders and being organized is just one of the things we practice daily to ensure our orders always run smoothly.



Support is very important in pulling off any project, but even m
ore so

when your project is showcased in the public eye.
For those of you who visited our stand, you most probably also met my hubby. Wow, did he support me well. He promoted me and my little business like it was his own. I am so grateful for his support. I am also grateful to my floral assistant who single handedly created the stand’s greenery backdrop while I worked on the floral design. Thank you, thank you,
thank you. I am very lucky to have such a strong support team.

Atmosphere, with friendly and professional exhibitors surrounding us, beautiful music and live entertainment at the show, the atmosphere was just so positive and the energy vibrations were very high.


Last but not least. The wedding industry is very ‘crowded’ and sometimes it is really hard to find others in the same field that have the same qualities, work ethics and wow factor that we believe we have. At the show this year I met two other floral designers who are absolutely and completely worthy of the title “Floral Designer”. It was so refreshing to meet them, to share ideas and support each other. They are both way more experienced than me (in years) and I am so delighted to find them. Perhaps to me this was the highlight as I look up to them and aspire to grow to be more… more wonderful…. more creative… and more professional in my field.



Thank you to everyone who made our East Rand Wedding Show such a wonderful experience. And thank you to the organisers for this very well organised event.


20160731_full length - MED

2017 Early Bird Special

We are booked at just about full capacity for the remainder of 2016 ~ what a fantastic year for our books, we are so grateful!

This makes us feel very jolly and festive. To celebrate we are offering an Early Bird special for 2017 Wedding Flower bookings.


The first 5 bookings on this special will receive:

  1. 10% discount off the entire flowers order
  2. Complimentary bridal bouquet in your style and colours.
  3. 10% discount off décor hired from our own exclusive range.


The next 5 bookings on this special will receive:

  1. 5% discount off the flowers order.
  2. Complimentary bridal bouquet in your style and colours.
  3. 5% discount of décor hired from our own exclusive range.


Take a peak at our portfolio and testimonials from brides.



  1. Only valid for weddings in 2017 booked and deposit paid for.
  2. Special is limited to the first 10 special bookings.
  3. Special is subject to our availability on your wedding date.
  4. Special is only applicable if you order ALL your wedding flowers through us.
  5. You may opt to hire your own décor from another décor supplier.
  6. Service and reserving our services for your wedding date is subject to a signed service agreement and a deposit. NB: We only take on a limited number of weddings per period, thus our service is subject to availability and can only be guaranteed if you reserve us.
  7. Total value of the complimentary bridal bouquet may not exceed R 850.
  8. We cannot offer you any discounts on hired décor through 3rd parties or any other services such as travel fees, etc.
  9. Special valid in Gauteng only.
  10. Special open for bookings made beofore 30 November 2016, for your wedding in 2017 or until booked out.

WIN Your Centerpiece Decor to the value of R3000 @ the East Rand Wedding Show

Dear Brides-to-be,

The East Rand Wedding Show (30 & 31 July 2016) is around the corner!!!! And we will be exhibiting again this year.

We have been racking our brains to think of a really awesome prize that we can give away to one lucky couple. We wanted this prize to be really awesome and we have finally made a decision!

One lucky winner will win a complimentary bridal bouquet and centerpiece décor for 10 guest tables { all inclusive the prize value is up to R 3000}.  Choose decor from one of the styles seen at our stand (D02 – D03) or other décor selected from our own exclusive range.

All competition entries received at the show will automatically qualify for a 10% discount on their wedding flowers in 2017!

How does it get any better than that?


Enter to WIN



  • Only valid for weddings in Jan to Dec 2017 and Jan to June 2018.
  • Only one entry per couple/for your wedding.
  • Prize is not transferable.
  • Only valid for weddings in Gauteng.
  • You must complete both steps to qualify for the prize and / or discount.
  • You can only qualify for the Decor prize if you are ordering all your wedding flowers through Pink Energy Floral Design.
  • The decor prize value may not exceed R 3000. Decor hired through us over and above the R 3000 will be charged for accordingly at our standard hire rates.
  • The prize will be drawn on Tuesday 9 August 2016.
  • The winner will be announced on facebook and should be a facebook fan by then.
  • You may not substitute the décor prize for any other discounts.
  • If you will be having less than 10 guest tables, you may not substitute the décor for discounts or other incentives.
  • If you will be having more than 10 guest tables, additional décor will be charged for at the standard hiring rate.
  • All other décor will be charged for at the standard hiring rate.
  • You must agree to the T&C’s here, to receive a quote from us for your wedding flowers and like our facebook page.
  • Your e-mail address will be added to our mailing list from which you may unsubscribe at any time.

Hello July

Hellooooooooooooo July,

I am going to welcome you with open arms, for I know you will give me exactly what I need. Whether I need to rest, recouperate, hybernate and just be, or whether I am working on my dreams and goals like never before – I need your support!

July for us marks the just past halfway mark of 2016 and we are ecstatic with our achievements, designs and floral work this year. We have challenged ourselves in trying several new things and have had great success.

Here’s a quick list of all the exciting things we have planned for July 2016:

To celebrate us and July 🙂  we have prepared two free downloads for you:

  1. DESKTOP BACKGROUND {1366px x 768px}

Download form below.

2. MOBILE PHONE WALLPAPER {1334px x 700px}

Download form below.



Hope you enjoy our floral wallpaper and colour combo’s – may it inspire your July!



Flower Crowns

Fresh flower crowns are very popular for weddings, engagement shoots, styled shoots, to wear to special occasions, etc, But they are really not a new idea. The fresh flower halo has been a popular accessory all over the world for centuries and has been worn as a symbol of love, fertility and celebration.

Flower crowns are so easy to personalize and you can go as big and detailed as you wish or as simple as you want – from oversize flowers to a few simple green sprigs and mini spray roses. Have your flower girls wear mini-crowns, create unique ones for each bridesmaid, or ask your hairstylist about incorporating one into your own hairstyle. They are also great for photo shoots (engagement, maternity, styled shoots, etc).

Although our main service is full wedding flowers & decor, you are very welcome to place a custom small order of flower crowns, bridal bouquets, wrist corsages, buttonholes, etc with us.

Fresh flower crowns, due to the nature of fresh flowers wilting can be collected from our studio. Silk flower crowns, although more pricey are gorgeous and will last forever and can also be couriered to our clients country wide.

Hope to receive your orders soon.

Winter Special 2016

We still have a few dates open for this winter season (1 May 2016 till 31 August 2016) and we are delighted to offer this fabulous special!

Book your winter wedding flowers with us before 30 April 2016 and receive the following:

  1. 5% discount on your flowers & décor hired from our own range.
  2. Complimentary bridal bouquet in your style and colours.


Terms & Conditions:

  1. Only valid for weddings this winter wedding season (1 May 2016 till 31 August 2016).
  2. Special is subject to our availability on your wedding date.
  3. Special is only applicable if you order ALL your wedding flowers through us.
  4. Total value of the complimentary bridal bouquet may not exceed R 750.
  5. Special valid in Gauteng only.


Contact us for a quote or more info.