Our Stand – East Rand Wedding Show 2016

We have done a number of exhibits, but I think to date this was my absolute favourite. There was just something magical about the energy of the East Rand Wedding Show this part weekend (30 & 31 July 2016).

I would like to start by describing our stand and what we were offering at the show. We booked a long narrow stand that allowed us space for two displays and a small space where we can chat with brides.

Our first display: “Vintage tones and natural elements” – Our colours & design concept included crystal, wood and old book paper. The star of the show was certainly the greenery runner, the amnesia roses and the paper flowers.

Here’s a sneak peak of what inspired us on the mood board as it was displayed on our stand. Collage - vintage

Our second display: “Blue tones & Copper / Rose Gold / Metalics” – Our colours, floral design and set-up was completely inspired by our NEW geometric décor range. We stock our own hire item range, all items are unique and exclusively available for hiring only to the brides that book our floral service. Geomtrics; from wedding stationery, candle holders, hanging elements and flower stands are trending worldwide. Being in South Africa, trends follow a bit slower, but we decided to offer our Gauteng couples the opportunity to get in on it, while it is still a fairly new and unique concept in South Africa.

Collage - geometrics

The purpose of our exhibit was to showcase our work and and to bedazzle and attract new brides to our stand to achieve new business for 2017 and 2018. Here are some interesting fact with regards to that stats of who we met at the show and what worked for them:

  • 80% of the couples were Afrikaans speaking or had a partner that was Afrikaans.
  • Only 30% of couples that stopped at our stand were getting married in 2016 with 60% getting married in 2017 and 10% getting married in 2018.
  • Our marketing strategy was based on a non-agresive approach, for example, no jumping out and handing out of flyers was not our first priority. We wanted to have a meaningful engagement with couples who were truly interested with what they saw on our stand / and / or us.
  • We went green and had our competition entries done via an electronic system (completely paperless). We also saved a lot on flyers and printed only a quarter of what we usually print.



Planning is key to pulling off a successful exhibition. All your ducks have to be a in a row. To us this is child’s play, as we are experienced with wedding orders and being organized is just one of the things we practice daily to ensure our orders always run smoothly.



Support is very important in pulling off any project, but even m
ore so

when your project is showcased in the public eye.
For those of you who visited our stand, you most probably also met my hubby. Wow, did he support me well. He promoted me and my little business like it was his own. I am so grateful for his support. I am also grateful to my floral assistant who single handedly created the stand’s greenery backdrop while I worked on the floral design. Thank you, thank you,
thank you. I am very lucky to have such a strong support team.

Atmosphere, with friendly and professional exhibitors surrounding us, beautiful music and live entertainment at the show, the atmosphere was just so positive and the energy vibrations were very high.


Last but not least. The wedding industry is very ‘crowded’ and sometimes it is really hard to find others in the same field that have the same qualities, work ethics and wow factor that we believe we have. At the show this year I met two other floral designers who are absolutely and completely worthy of the title “Floral Designer”. It was so refreshing to meet them, to share ideas and support each other. They are both way more experienced than me (in years) and I am so delighted to find them. Perhaps to me this was the highlight as I look up to them and aspire to grow to be more… more wonderful…. more creative… and more professional in my field.



Thank you to everyone who made our East Rand Wedding Show such a wonderful experience. And thank you to the organisers for this very well organised event.


20160731_full length - MED

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