Flower classes for aspiring Florists & Decor Stylists

Are you a florist still new in the field, a decor stylist who want to learn an extra skill, or are you simply aspiring to add floristry to your skill set? Then you are in the right place!!! If you have a creative flair these flower classes have been simplified so that even as a beginner you will get it. Our classes cover the theory, include printed notes and practical!!!! Bookings are also open to anyone who is interested from the DIY Bride to someone who enjoys flower arranging and just want to learn more about the basics.



Note: Our main service is to the wedding industry therefore class dates are scheduled as and when we have a date open and dates are often only released 1 month in advance. Order of the classes below may change.

  • Part 1 was held 26 Nov 2017 and we went in-depth into Wedding Centerpieces for a low styling.
  • Part 2 was held 4 Feb 2018: Wedding Centerpieces with flowers that go on top of tall vases/candelabras.
  • 24 March 2018 – Part 3: Greenery & Floral table runners. More info & registration here…..
  • Date TBC – Part 4: Large ceremony flower arrangements – half day class.
  • Date TBC – Part 5: How to style a wedding arch or gazebo with fresh flowers – half day.
  • Date TBC – Part 6: Main table flower arrangements and styling – half day class.
  • Date TBC – Part 7: Day visit to Multi-Flora flower market and other industry/decor/floristry suppliers – half day.
  • Date TBC – Part 8: Marketing for florists & decor stylists – full day.

Is there a specific topic you are interested in learning more about, please pop me a message and I will look at the options.