Your Wedding Flower Investment


Each wedding we do is priced individually taking into account the type of flowers you have selected, the design elements as some designs take longer to put together than other, delivery & set-up, decor and hire items you may require – NO 2 WEDDINGS ARE THE SAME. My main focus when I put together your proposals is to give you a realistic and personalised quote based on the specific style you have in mind and the scope of work that is required to complete your order successfully.

You may have read that wedding flowers will be average cost of 10% of your total budget. In reality, this statement does not fit the South African market at all. I encourage you to visit “What Wedding Flowers Cost in South Africa” as it will give you a realistic idea of the South African industry.


Your quote will be specific to your needs and requirements and I won’t be able to give you a price until I have more details on what you require, please do make contact with me if you like my work and would like to start a conversation.