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Oh wow, it has been Christmas, it has been New Years, but hey, you have now also stepped into the journey of BECOMING! You are engaged! Congratulations.

The journey of BECOMING is amazing. I call it ‘becoming’, because you are now no longer really classified as a Miss, neither a Mrs, you are the stage in-between. It is a journey, because as you plan your wedding together with your fiance (yes, say it out loud) and with your family, close friends and his family, you develop and grow together as well. So enjoy and cherish this short part of your life! It is marvelous!!!

January is however a *sucky* month for most though, because money is low, it is back to business as usual, etc, etc, and even though you are excited to be engaged and just want to jump into it…. Here are a few tips on how to survive January as a newly engaged couple / Bride-2-Be!




This step is also recommended for any couples getting engaged at any time of the year. Take the first month to just BE – By just basking in the thought of being engaged and getting married. Let your thoughts go towards colours you like, styles you like and your favourite flowers (look at our awesome flower chart for inspiration – showing flower availability per colour), look and feels of venues you may like, but don’t act on any of it. Don’t even set a date!!! I can already hear the “why not???” – well, what if the venue you end up deciding on is not available on your perfect date? Then you have to change or date or look for another venue….

In fact, I recommend planning nothing at all. Look at ideas, but don’t get quotes and don’t make decisions in the first month you are engaged.

Pinterest is a great social media application where you can put together your thoughts and ideas on “pin boards”. I LOVE pinterest. Go and check it out. Sit back relax and start pinning away at things that you see that fancy’s your attention.

Pinterest image


Step 2: DETOX

Yyou are a brand new Bride-2-Be, but you are feeling super bloated and tired as a result of all the overeating and eating rich and naughty foods you don’t usually indulge in. Get rid of the HOLIDAY BLOAT.

So, I went to gym on Monday for Spinning and one of my gym buddy friends told me about this great juice she found and started drinking, (Karrine Steffans’ Famous Pineapple Ginger Cleanse) and true as Bob, her stomach was flat! So, obviously I had to get the recipe! Starting soon….. perhaps today still ~ will you join me?

It is a pineapple and ginger juice that will help you get rid of that bloated stomach – here is the recipe.

So, it is January and money is tight. No “pilletjies” or anything else is needed. Go and get your pineapple juice and ginger, it is not going to cost you an arm or a leg.

You will feel great and look great and regain your energy and vitality in-time for the months of planning that lies ahead. And not even to mention, you will look fantastic for your engagement shoot that I know you are already planning in your head! 😉

Karrine Steffans Famous Pineapple Ginger Cleanse



So now you are going to be googling, looking at Pinterest, seeing all the pretty pictures. You may even feel overwhelmed because you have no money in the bank, not right now anyways.

So, plan your January month. Look at where you can cut and where you can save.

Don’t let it dull your sparkle though! You are going to have your wedding, but no shopping spree’s until your finances are back on track.

Here are a few tips for making your next December/January better:

  • Set your mind to spend less in the December month of 2016.
  • Make a small space in your linen cupboard and every month buy a small present for someone, when and if you see something that you know they will love and stack it into the small space. Come December, all you have to do is wrap your gifts.
  • If you know you struggle with January’s – start a January fund in Feb. Put money in there every month and let it save you next year January. You don’t want to start your married life with January’s like this, but with a January back-up cash plan you will feel much more in control.
  • Start planning finances together as a couple, be open about your earnings and expectations Financially.



So, you are half way through this article and you are still absolutely excited about planning your wedding. You should be, but you also need to have your priorities straight….

The rough order of planning is as follows:

  1. Choose your wedding colours first. Yes, everyone says book your venue first and as far as bookings go, venue bookings must be done first, BUT, what if you book a Tuscany style venue and the walls are painted a browny yellow/Tuscany colour and you had your heart on purple and pink or pink and blue flowers and décor? This is why I always advise couples to first set their colours.
  2. Decide roughly on the time of the year you want to get married, this year still or 2017 and in which month (not the exact day).
  3. Yes, then the next step will be for you to start venue hunting. Once you have found the perfect venue, all the fun starts.
  4. Go and meet with them by appointment and look at available dates. Obviously by now you will have an idea of the month and year you want to get married in – go and sit down with them, look at dates, how the booking and services works, what additional and value added services they offer, what is included and what is excluded. Go armed with peBruidsgidsn and paper, make notes!
  5. Once your venue is booked and the deposit is paid, it is time to send out save the dates, even if it is a year in advance. I still say, there is no time span on Save the Dates, when the venue is booked, send them out! Make it digital, nothing fancy. You can go all out with your official invitation stationery and your wedding stationery (menu’s, etc).
  6. Start looking at wedding stationery designers – now is a good time to get quotes and start planning your invites and other stationery.
  7. It is now important to secure your major other suppliers: Photographers and flower & décor providers would be next. Check with your venue if they have preferred providers or if you can choose your own suppliers. For both photographers and flower & décor suppliers, look at their portfolios – is it the same style over and over (if yes, it must be the style that you want); if you want something creative, look for suppliers that are always creating new ideas and bringing it into their work. Once you have decided on suppliers you like, book them, don’t delay. Both Photographers and Flower & Décor suppliers are often already booked up a year in advance and detailed planning may be required as far as flowers & décor go.
  8. Look at your wedding bands, bridal wear, etc. I have seen many brides leaving this too late and then being completely dissatisfied with the end product, because there was no time.
  9. DJ’s, Make-up and Hair and other suppliers are last and obviously not least!!!

A fabulous resource is the BRIDAL GUIDE / DIE BRUIDS GIDS – available at CNA and I have also seen it at Exclusive Books or digitally through Zinio.

This magazine is a life saver, it features some of the best suppliers as well as to do lists, time lines, etc, etc, etc – A magazine and planner all in one!





Love, a 4 letter word, but with so much heart and meaning in it. Spend time together as a couple.


Get the book THE FIVE LOVE LANGUAGES. It will help you to discover you and your partner’s LOVE LANGUAGE and how to make that love stronger.

Don’t get so caught up in the WEDDING that you forget about the MARRIAGE you will be entering into – celebrate just being where you are at in this journey of BECOMING! Becoming Fiance, Becoming WIFE, becoming LIFE PARTNERS.





It is all from me. I hope my tips have been useful to you.

Keep in touch!

With love


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