Hello July

Hellooooooooooooo July,

I am going to welcome you with open arms, for I know you will give me exactly what I need. Whether I need to rest, recouperate, hybernate and just be, or whether I am working on my dreams and goals like never before – I need your support!

July for us marks the just past halfway mark of 2016 and we are ecstatic with our achievements, designs and floral work this year. We have challenged ourselves in trying several new things and have had great success.

Here’s a quick list of all the exciting things we have planned for July 2016:

To celebrate us and July 🙂  we have prepared two free downloads for you:

  1. DESKTOP BACKGROUND {1366px x 768px}

Download form below.

2. MOBILE PHONE WALLPAPER {1334px x 700px}

Download form below.



Hope you enjoy our floral wallpaper and colour combo’s – may it inspire your July!



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